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It's happened to almost every driver. You're late for work, or maybe you just aren't monitoring your speed, when you hear the siren and see the blue and red lights. The officer writes you a ticket, which depending on your speed can result in hefty fines or the suspension of your license. Even though speeding tickets are common, it doesn't mean you can't fight your ticket and the penalties that go with it.

Many people make the mistake of believing that traffic tickets are not very serious and simply pay them. This is as good as pleading guilty. Instead, reach out to David Margolis Law, LLC, where I can help defend you against a multitude of traffic tickets!

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Georgia's Speed Limits

The state of Georgia has two different types of speed laws: Absolute and Basic. If you've received a ticket for a speeding violation, it's important to understand which law you broke so that you can know how to defend it.

Absolute Speeding Law

Specific zones and roads in Georgia have absolute speed limits. Even if speed limit signs are not posted, you are still required to obey the absolute limit designated for that area or type of road. Here is a list of the various absolute limits in Georgia:

  • Schools zones: 20 mph
  • Urban & residential districts: 30 mph
  • Unpaved country roads: 35 mph
  • Sections of physically divided highways without full access control on the state highway system: 65 mph
  • Interstate highways: 70 mph
  • Other roadways: 55 mph

Driving faster than the absolute speed limit in any of these situations is considered a traffic violation and can result in a ticket.

Basic Speeding Law

Basic speeding laws in Georgia allow a little more flexibility when it comes to speeding. The law prohibits drivers to operate their vehicles at a speed that is greater than what is considered reasonable or safe during current conditions. These conditions could be weather or the state of traffic at the time. For example, if the speed limit is 55 mph, but the current flow of traffic is 65 mph, it could be considered safer to go with the flow of traffic than to stick to the strict speed limit. In the same scenario, 55 mph might be considered dangerous if there are extreme weather conditions making the roads unsafe.

Penalties for Speeding Violations

In Georgia, most speeding offenses are categorized as misdemeanors, but hardly any result in jail time. You will most likely face heavy fines up to $1000. The penalities for speeding depend on how far above the speed limit you were driving and the location where the violation occured.

Here is a general breakdown of speeding fines:

  • Exceeding the limit by 5 mph or less: $0
  • Exceeding the limit by 5 mph but less than 10 mph: $25
  • Exceeding the limit by 10 mph but less than 14 mph: $100
  • Exceeding the limit by 14 mph but less than 19 mph: $125
  • Exceeding the limit by 19 mph but less than 24 mph: $150
  • Exceeding the limit by 24 mph but less than 34 mph: $500

Most judges will assign additional fees on top of the initial fine, resulting in very heavy penalties. Georgia also has a "super speeder" fee of $200, if you were driving 85 mph, or 75 mph on a two-lane road. In some cases, you can complete a defensive driving course in lieu of paying these heavy fines.

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I am Attorney David Margolis and I understand that the penalties for a traffic ticket can affect your driving record, your license, and your insurance rates. You can rely on me to help defend you against all types of speeding violations.

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