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After being charged with a traffic offense, it is required that you appear in court on the dates assigned. If you miss a court date, it can increase the penalties you are facing and make your legal troubles last longer. including having a bench warrant for your arrest. An Atlanta failure to appeal lawyer from David Margolis Law, LLC can help. I am here to guide you through the various complexities of the proceedings you are facing.

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A Proactive Approach to Your Charges

There are many different ways that failing to appear before the court can affect your case. For example, if you were released on bail after being charged with a criminal offense and are now being accused of failing to appear, your bond could be forfeited and you could face additional charges. It is important that you protect your future by working with a legal professional to resolve your case.

A few of the reasons you could be charged with failure to appeal include:

  • Failing to show up to any court date
  • Failing to pay a traffic fine
  • Ignoring a warrant or citation

How Can an Atlanta Traffic Ticket Lawyer Help?

David Margolis Law, LLC is highly experienced at handling missed tickets, late payments, and the results of failing to appear. I have represented many cases as an Atlanta traffic ticket lawyer and I understand that it can be stressful to deal with this type of situation. My ultimate goal is to restore your license as quickly as possible and to get your DMV records updated. If you failed to appear or failed to pay a ticket, you can rely on me to work hard on your behalf to get it cleared up.

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